Bart-Jan’s adventure through his Level Design internship is coming to the end

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Sometimes having interns is like placing a bet and hoping to win – well, with Bart-Jan everyone won big time.
Here is his Redhill story.

My adventure started at Redhill games on the first of September as a fresh 4th year student from Breda university of applied sciences. Amidst a pandemic, I decided to move to Finland to follow my dream of becoming a game developer. Now, 10 months later, I can say this has been a good decision.


I was amazed how much responsibility Redhill gave me.

During my internship at Redhill Games I worked on a lot of very important features that improved the game as a whole. One of those tasks was the tutorial. This was a perfect balance of level design and gameplay design.
I was amazed how much responsibility Redhill gave me, working as the feature owner on such an important part of the game as an intern.

Besides great opportunities I also was blessed to meet all the amazing developers of Redhill. I learned a lot from the industry vets that work at Redhill and because of that, I grew as a game developer. For that I’m very thankful.

My internship is coming to a close this week and I would highly recommend anyone to take a peek at the career page or to apply for an internship. it will be worth your time! 

It’s time to wish our awesome Level Design Intern Bart-Jan farewell as he steps on to his next adventure.
Bart-Jan, we will miss you!