Lighting Artist

We are looking for a talented Lighting Artist who possesses the ability to light environments, cutscenes and characters for an FPS video game. This position has a significant impact on many teams work and is responsible for creating atmosphere, realism, tone, depth, drama or narrative. They will also establish and clarify location, weather, time of day for all our game world.


  • Build beautiful real-time lighting for environments, interiors, character and props for our games
  • Work closely with the Art Director, Characters and Environment Teams to establish the aesthetic and technical standards for the games lighting and style
  • Use lighting to emphasize focus, and to establish/clarify location, weather, time of day
  • Proactively seek opportunities to elevate the game, enjoy improving workflows using emerging technologies, embrace constructive feedback, and thrive in a highly collaborative environment
  • Collaborate with the Technical Art and Engineering teams to develop tools and pipelines
  • Challenge yourself to use the most efficient lighting approach possible without sacrificing visual quality


  • 5+ years of lighting art experience in the game industry
  • At least one shipped PC or console game title
  • Experience with lighting in the UE4 pipeline
  • A good understanding of PBR lighting theory, current game tech and development methods
  • Ability to balance quality and technical constraints
  • An understanding of spatial composition and lighting techniques that influence mood, tone, and aesthetic within a scene (natural lighting, key lighting, three point, etc.)
  • A demonstrated understanding of rendering principles for human skin, hair, and clothing

The ideal candidate will also have

  • Basic skills in photography

Why should you join Redhill Games?

  • We have a great team of passionate game developers so you will not be alone!
  • We value character – we are all different but have a common purpose. We respect each other’s talent and contribution.
  • We are very international – in the team we already have representatives of 22 countries!
  • We speak the same language – Yes, it’s English! Among other languages we have Finnish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese and Greek.
  • We love, play and develop games – you will always have someone to play with!
  • Our office is conveniently located downtown Helsinki, with tons of options for transportation, shops and restaurants all within reach.
  • If Finland is not your base, we will help you relocate and you will get to love the country of Moomins, Santa and coffee! 
  • Last but not least – we offer competitive compensation and good benefits!

You feeling it?

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