Branch Out to A Solo Career in Rogue Shift

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Nine To Five fans are treated to a limited-time event, Rogue Shift, between April 19 and 28. The game mode takes the usual three-team setting and turns it around into a solo operation, where every mercenary answers for themselves and themselves only.

Check out the trailer below!

Players arrive at the remote Clinic with a tracker and a basic sidearm. Their first task is to search their surroundings to find more powerful weapons, armor, and items to keep themselves safe while hunting for keycards, granting access to the main objective — a safe holding the media drive.

There are other mercenaries looking for the same drive, however. The others will do anything they can to be the first to get their hands on the evidence and sell it to the highest bidder. Players have the opportunity to lay low, look for the media drive and extract while trying to avoid conflict, or take on the competition head-on – the choice is for the players to make!

The last thing to do is to pick out an extraction zone and call in the copper while holding down the fort from other mercenaries looking to intercept the extraction.

You can play Nine to Five on both Steam and Stadia – follow the links below!

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