Nine to Five hits version 1.0!

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After 9 months of Early Access, Nine to Five has reached a major milestone – version 1.0! A result of improvements, experiments and adjustments, this update not only adds the new map Clinic into the game, but introduces an entirely new corporation, Milodyne Energy, along with their arsenal of new weapons. What’s more, players can show their allegiance to all four corporations – Farmira, Mash Media and New World Finance in addition to Milodyne – with new and flashy armor designs. 

Update 1.0 isn’t just about new content, however. A ton of bug fixes and improvements went into this update, addressing many of the points raised by the Nine to Five community. Improvements cover many aspects of the game, ranging from performance to animations and various ‘quality of life’ improvements.  

Since it’s Early Access launch, Nine to Five has taken big steps forward – especially since the Alpha stages and other earlier versions. Tatu Teittinen, Lead Producer, shares his thoughts: 

“Even if the update number already implies it, we strongly feel Nine to Five has come a long way with 1.0. The amount of improvements and new content that went into this version is already a feat on it’s own.”

Matias Myllyrinne, CEO of Redhill Games, reflects on the journey:

“Reaching a milestone means a lot. I’m proud of the team and thankful for our partners at Stadia and Steam. Not least of all I would like to thank the game’s community for their passion and support through-out Early Access.”

Nine to Five is available to play for free on both Steam and Stadia. Click the links below to give it a go!

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