Tatu Teittinen

Lead Pröducer

Tatu Teittinen
Lead Producer

I started as Producer at Redhill Games nearly 3 years ago, and I’m currently Lead Producer. During my career I’ve been working not only on PC-games, but also mobile, and I studied game production at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. At Redhill Games, my current responsibilities are supporting our production team, running the day-to-day production for some of our feature teams and doing whatever it takes to enable our people to make great games.

What makes Redhill Games special for me is the people, how enjoyable it is to work with everyone and how easy it is to get things done here.

Why I think Redhill Games is a great place to work is the opportunity to grow as a professional and learn from talented people on huge projects. More than anything, I’d be glad to have more people join us in building the next chapter of Redhill Games story.