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Internships at Redhill Games

Are you looking to get your first work experience in game development?


Redhill Games is looking for passionate interns to join our team and help shape our first game! We are a team of game industry veterans working on a new take on multiplayer shooters.


As an intern, you get to work together with the best in business and learn the ropes by working on real tasks, not just make coffee. Don’t worry, we’re a fully open and transparent team who believe there are no stupid questions. Everyone here is encouraged to keep on learning new things.

Our internships start mid-April and last for three months, but we can be flexible with the start and end dates, if necessary. We provide all interns a salary and lunch benefit.

Why are we doing this? We want to help foster game development talent and help you grow to potentially join our team in a bigger role in the future.

Interested? See below for more details on open internships and if you see something that fits, send us an application to by 20 March 2019. In your application, tell us about yourself, why you want to join our team and what you hope to learn from us. If you have examples of your work or a portfolio, please include a link in your application – we would love to see your work!

Art Internship


You should have:

  • Enthusiasm for art, visuals and games in general

  • Basic understanding of 3D modelling and texturing

  • Knowledge of 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Modo or equivalent software

You’ll get extra points if:

  • You study/already finished studies in art, design or entertainment

  • You have knowledge of game art pipeline and game design


Design Internship


You should have:

  • Genuine passion for multiplayer shooters

  • Ability to break down games into features and explain what works/doesn’t and why, and how you would improve them

  • Good communication and presentation skills

  • Experience with small personal or indie project done in Unity, Unreal or other game engine, alone or in a team

You’ll get extra points if:

  • You can show an example of your game or your game design/design breakdown of a game you participated on

  • You have knowledge of programming or script language (Java, C++, C#, Lua, Blueprints)

Business Intelligence / Data Analyst Internship


You should have:

  • Passion for gathering, analyzing and visualizing incoming data from live product

  • Excellent knowledge of mathematics and statistics

  • Experience with tools for processing and visualizing data like Tableau

  • Proactive approach in looking for new ways how to improve a game using live data

You’ll get extra points if:

  • You study/already finished studies in mathematics, statistics or business analysis

  • You have experience working with SQL