We Are Redhill Games

Redhill Games is an ambitious co-development studio with our eyes set on becoming the partner of choice for AAA developers and publishers worldwide. In doing so, our team will continue growing to a point where we can call ourselves the most exciting co-development employer in Europe.

Our values

The way we work is guided by our values, building the foundation for our game studio to become a leader in co-development.
Mutual respect is key in everything we do. When you’re a member of the team, being treated equally and with respect is what you can count on. We value the diversity of our team and make sure everybody is heard when they speak up. There is absolutely zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind at Redhill Games, and we are committed to building a culture where everyone can feel proud of who they are.
At Redhill Games, we hold providing a safe environment for all of our team members at a very high value. In a space where everyone can safely express themselves, regardless of their title or status, great ideas come to fruition. What’s more, a safe environment ensures said ideas can be put to the test – even if it doesn’t pan out, it still means we’ve learned something. It is better to have tried and failed rather than not having tried at all!
Decisions are discussed and made openly. By being open in our communication, and by having clear, transparent processes, we can function better as a team and keep everyone up to speed about what’s going on.
As a group with plenty of experience in AAA games on both PC and consoles, we know what we are about, and we hold ourselves to high standards in the quality we deliver. Working in an ever-changing environment, we believe in personal growth and strive to improve both as individuals and as a company.

Our culture

At Redhill Games, everyone contributes to creating the company culture and making our games appealing and unique. When we look for new team members, we love to see passion, integrity, and team spirit.

We pride ourselves on:

Trusting our talent and ensuring they’re heard when they bring new ideas forward. We welcome innovating and testing new things boldly – there’s always an opportunity to learn even if we don’t succeed.

Believing in personal growth – we offer excellent career progression plans and plenty of options for developing individual skills with on-demand learning platforms available to employees 24/7.

Valuing diversity and character – we are all different but have a common purpose. We respect each other’s talents and contributions and treat each other equally. There is absolutely no room for discrimination at Redhill Games. The employee-driven Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity group works towards sharing information, and building on the foundation of a workplace where everyone can feel safe, respect and proud of who they are.

Being international – we already have colleagues from 20 countries!

Working towards a healthier work-life balance by being flexible where it counts.

Loving, playing, and developing games with pride – you will always have someone to play with at Redhill!

Want to get the 101 on Redhill?


Senior Environment Artist

I’m a Senior Environment Artist at Redhill Games. I got interested in making games while I was at university. I studied Interior Architecture and Design in Australia and while finishing off this degree I started to use 3d modelling software. This was about 20 years ago, at a time when architecture was just starting to use these ‘new’ digital tools.

I ended up making a few custom assets for Dawn of War and building a little scene in the game’s level editor. Relic Games released their toolkit, and I thus learned a bit about game pipelines, the process of modeling and texturing, and putting a little something together. I was fortunate in that I had a friend that was employed at a Melbourne-based games studio, and after showing him this work, I was able to land a job at that studio.

I relocated from Melbourne Australia at the end of August 2021, all the way to Helsinki, Finland to work at Redhill Games! I really like the people at the studio – we are a mix of professionals from all over the world. The challenge of making games really appeals to me. It involves an interesting bunch of disciplines coming together and making something cohesive. There are a lot of moving parts and when everything starts to align and the game you are working on starts to come into focus, well, it can be kinda magical.


Content Producer

I work as a Content Producer at Redhill Games. I always knew I would do something in the world of 3D, it was a childhood dream. I started my career as a Texture Artist for Bollywood Films in India. But something felt out of place.

When I got my first break into gaming, I realized that this is what I really enjoyed. It is super creative and challenging. Having been a part of the industry for 10 years, the fact that I can be a part of a team and create a different reality for players keeps inspiring me day in and day out.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Redhill Games, since joining in 2022. I really like the people working here, and we have an environment where everybody’s voice is heard. When you apply yourself, you’ll see – don’t even think twice about it! You’ll learn a lot and see for yourself how nice the people working here can be.

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Redhill Games is a multinational team of over 70 people coming together from more than 20 nationalities and many of the gaming industry’s top companies. Home to many seasoned veterans and rising stars, Redhill is a fast-growing company where you have the opportunity to work on some of the world’s leading game IPs.

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