We are Redhill Games

Redhill Games creates multiplayer shooters that capitalize on their extensive knowledge of AAA PC and console titles.

We strive to create gaming experiences that evolve, grow and last for years. At Redhill, games are built on the principles of cooperative play and co-creating games with players through early testing and feedback. We believe in teamwork, trusting the talent, and taking smart risks to make extraordinary games for our players.

The team is backed by NetEase, venture capital funds Makers Fund and Play Ventures as well as industry heavyweights like Unity founder David Helgason, former Epic Games president Dr. Michael Capps, Los Angeles-based investor, and game executive Jason Kay, and Mika Reini, the former CFO of Remedy Entertainment.


Decisions are discussed and made openly. By upholding a high standard in being open in our communication, and by having clear, transparent processes, we can function better as a team.

As a group with plenty of experience in AAA titles on both PC and consoles, we know what we are about, and we hold ourselves to high standards in the quality we deliver. Working in an ever-changing environment, we believe in personal growth and strive to improve as individuals and as a company.

At Redhill Games, we hold providing a safe environment for all of our team members at a very high value. In a space where anyone can safely express their opinion, regardless of their title or status, great ideas come to fruition. What’s more, a safe environment ensures said ideas can be put to the test – even if it doesn’t pan out, it is better to have tried and failed rather than not having tried at all!

What everything in our values essentially boils down to is respect. When you’re a member of our team, being treated equally and with respect is what you can count on. We value the diversity of our team, and trust our talent, making sure they’re heard when they want to speak out. There is absolutely zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind at Redhill Games.

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Are you a seasoned industry veteran, or a newcomer considering a career in making games? We are growing our team and on the lookout to hiring talented people!